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I just finished watching this amazing story and I have to insist anyone who has anything to do with education must watch it too! Kudos to Aamir Khan and his entire team for doing a fantastic job. Aamir must accept the mantle of being the Indian Sidney Poitier in To Sir, with Love, a story about a schoolteacher and his inspirational values set against a backdrop of racism and social iniquity in a school in London’s East End!

The story revolves around a dyslexic 8 year old who is misunderstood by everyone until Aamir, a drawing teacher, who like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Tom Cruise, John Lennon, Robin Williams and Richard Branson (to name a few), fought dyslexia, arrives on the scene. Sensitively made, Aamir recognizes the challenge, identifies the pure artistic talent of the child and turns around not only the child’s perception of himself but also those of his parents, teachers, friends and society at large.

Each of us need to appreciate and internalize the challenge. Each of us is different. Through our efforts at building training, how can we be inclusive of these differences and how can we be more responsible to our children and our co-workers?

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